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Tape That Illuminates in Darkness

Make your own products or creations using Advanced Visibiity's Glowing Tapes.

Illuminating Tapes

PSA Backing (pressure sensitive adhesive)

With Safety in our DNA manufacturing our glow technology with a adhesive backing was a no-brainer! There has never been a phosphorescent material bright enough to use outdoors that actually solve a problem until now! With our technologies ability to "charge" by natural sunlight or UV (on rainy days) our material is ideal for identifying hazards, objects, machinery, trail markings, evacuation maps, stairs or hand rails etc in any low or zero light environments

PSA Tape

• Can be used as markings and "Caution Tape"
• Apply to tools
• Apply where existing reflective tapes exist

Once light has diminished or is absent the stored energy is slowly released as light. This light is called "afterglow."

Industrial Strength Glow-in-the-Dark Tape


  • Very intense glow performance
    Far exceeds ISO 17398:2004 and ASTM E2072 Multi-surface durable adhesion
    Afterglow last over 8 hours
    Charges in minutes
    Comes in 3/8', 1 "and 2" widths
    Works while wet


Apply to tools and equipment
Vehicles or trailers
Identifying Hazards
Labeling pipes and wires in dark areas Labeling transformers or utility equipment Marking doorways, pathways, or exits Hunting and fishing
Running or riding
Camping/campers RV's
Write messages with markers

Advanced Visibility Afterglow Performance

Tested according to ISO 17398:2004" Safety Colours and Safety Signs Clause 7.11


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About Advanced Visibility

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About Technology2

About Technology2

About Technology2
About Advanced Visibility

About the Technology

Once light has diminished or is absent the stored energy is slowly released as light. This light is called "afterglow."

The Technology Behind the Glow

Advanced Visibility's Glow Technology has been developed over years of technical research and advancements allowing development of Strontium Nitrate based pigment along with other elements to be manipulated to achieve a performance of maximum glow intensity, extended decay time, rapid charging and laundry performance.

The specified formulated pigments have a high capacity for absorbing and storing light energy by allowing atoms in the pigments to absorb photon energy from an ultra violet light source. The light source can be natural daylight or artificial light. These electrons act like little batteries effectively storing light energy.

The afterglow can be seen in reduced light conditions such as a dimly lit warehouse, unlit roadway, shadows of large machinery, abandoned buildings, smoky conditions etc. Afterglow can be seen in complete dark conditions such as power outages, unlit roads, railroad tracks, tunnels, manholes, working outdoors etc.

The initial afterglow when measured after 2 minutes in millicandellas per square metre (mcd/m2) usilg a photometer is 1800+ (mcd/m2) and extinction time for afterglow to diminish to (0.32mcd/m2) or about 100 times limit of human perception is 480 minutes. (8 hours)

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